Eye Mites, symptoms and treatment for human eye mites Demodicosis

Mites on eyelashes called Demodex can be found on the skin of many humans. These skin parasites are so tiny that you will need a microscope to see them. But, even though it is microscopic, the presence of mites in the eyelashes gives people extensive itching especially at night. Therefore, if you have large number of demodex mites on your eyelashes, they will let you know about it with a feeling of itching and skin crawling.

So, what is the reason why some people have the demodex mites in the eyelashes and others don't. Besides use of bad (chemical) cosmetics, eyeshadows, mascara etc., the most common and known reason is our immune system. When it starts to decline, it opens up the gate and gives the green light for the mites to multiply its population without supervision. The supervision by our immune system that is. If left unsupervised, the mites begin to increase population.

But the demodicosis (unsupervised growth of demodex mites) does not start from the eyelashes. Eventhough it is possible that the epicenter of demodicosis was on or near the eyelashes or eyebrows, most likely demodex started to built its colonies somewhere else on facial skin first and then crawled to the eyelashes and eyebrows. Unlike scabies for instance (other skin parasite) who can not stay on facial skin, the demodex mite love it. It feeds on sebum therefore the facial skin with large sebaceous glands is the perfect environment for demodex mites.

If you have demodex in the eyelashes or you think you do, you need to see a doctor. If left without treatment, the eyelash demodex mites can cause permanent loss of eyelashes and other negative side effects.


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