Eyelash bugs. Demodex skin bugs in Eyelashes.

Microscopic bugs in Eyelashes and on eyelids?! If you have unexplainable loss of eyelashes, watery eyes, itching, burning and irritation of the eyelashes and eyelids especially at night, it could be the signs demodex skin bug. These symptoms need be addressed to your doctor.

Most humans have this microscopic bug on the skin, called: demodex. These skin parasites is harmless if present in small numbers. In fact, people never notice these bugs on the skin. Our immune system keep number of skin bugs under controll, preventing demodicosis, in our case: eyelash or eyelid demodex.

Stress, pollution, alcohol, sigarets, medical drugs are strong immunosuppressants. It is natural, if we abuse alcohol, sigaretts, medical drugs etc., at one point in life, our immune system will fail to provide protection. As soon as it happens, the eyelash or eyelid demodex bugs start to breed without control, causing loss of eyelashes, itchy eyelids, burning and irritation of the eyelashes.

There are different products available that can help to stop the eyelash/eyelid demodex bugs from multiplying. Prescription drugs and over the counter (cream, lotion etc.) Ask your doctor about possible side effects. Some prescription medicine and over the counter remedies are made with chemicals and antibiotics. If used for long time, chemical products can suppress the immune system of the skin. Cream with sulfur can dry your demodex prone skin. If skin gets dried, your body starts to produce more sebum oil that can feed demodex bugs.

Eyes n Mites natural lotion is over the counter product that can safely and effectively kill Eyelash bugs. This lotion contains demodex oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. When applied on to the eyelashes and eyelids, the active ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin pores killing the bugs. The vitamins and minerals help to restore the immune system of the skin. Oils and herbal extracts prevent demodex bugs from returning. You can find more infrormation on Eys n Mites lotion HERE


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